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organizing toys

May 3, 2017

The chaos that is a house with little children. Stepping on random lego is a serious parenting hazard! Before the boys were born I had this vision of a beautiful playroom and nursery, where everything matched, coordinating pillows and with all toys in pretty wicker baskets. HA. I laugh now as my living room floor looks like Toys R Us threw up all over it.

In the boys playroom we have a long Ikea Kallax unit, the one with a eight cubby holes. We used bright coloured baskets and that held extra toys for a long time. And somehow toys ended up scattered on the floor regardless. I wanted something transparent where the boys could see the toys inside instead of dumping a whole basket and realizing what they wanted wasn’t in there. Continue Reading

Food Series

cravings :: seared duck, mexican corn, oh my!

June 17, 2016

Cravings is a series where I share what I’ve been eating as of late. Kind of like a food diary but with better photos and without calorie counting. 😉 Being a “drop cook” with a very haphazard, unsystematic borderline chaotic way of assembling food, I am not very good at creating specific recipes. I link to recipes for you to check out and get inspired. And to get hungry! Enjoy!


I’ve been eating simple food but with lots of flavour lately. Who are we kidding, I always gravitate towards strong flavors. No boiled vegetables for this one!

Continue Reading