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1 Second Everyday

January 5, 2018

In 2017, I started a yearlong project. I would take a video every single day and compile our year in one second clips. It was a more daunting task than I expected! It was hard work to remember to take a video every single day. But I did it! This isn’t the most artistic video, hell, the whole month of January is in the wrong orientation. Sorry about that and PSA: Shoot your phone videos in landscape y’all.

Everyone should do this! No matter how bad your day is, there is always a second somewhere that is good. And that’s a good reminder for anyone going through a tough time. There is always good, always happiness to be found.

I used the 1 Second Everyday app, it’s a bit expensive. You can take video on your phone camera and upload it to the app or use the app directly to take your videos. I did the former. If you don’t want to purchase the app, it’s pretty easy to compile your own clips and splice the video together with iMovie.

A note: this video was edited and some clips removed. No one wants to see baby butts besides their own parents I think… haha.

But without further ado, here is Team Wonger’s 2017!

I encourage everyone to give this a try. It’s such a wonderful way to document your family and your year!


oh the terrible twos

November 4, 2016

Hi friends. Do you have children? Do said children drive you crazy? *Here! Here!* Well, we are at the 28th month mark, 2.5 years old. How did my sweet, little blubs of children become raging terrors? How did this happen? Well two years old, that’s what happened. Today I am sharing a bit of my reality with you so if you have a little two-nager of your own, you’re not alone mama. We’re in this together, along with the little tyrants. Continue Reading

Food Motherhood

life is pretty sweet, sharing our favourite banana bread recipe

October 3, 2016

I hope as they get older, they’ll enjoy being in the kitchen as much as I do. When they play outside with friends and remember its dinner time–everything gets dropped as they rush home because I’m cooking. That’s the dream anyways. Like Monica on Friends, she aspires to be the mom who makes the best chocolate chip cookies, I want to be that. To have your kids move away and miss the home they grew up in, the smell of vanilla from the oven, or the comfort their mom’s cooking brings them. Its a simple dream, but kind of the best.

This is the first time they’ve helped me bake something. Sure it’s more mess than help. Flour everywhere, some of the vanilla missed the bowl, I’m sure there are random egg shells mixed in. But it was all smiles and laughter. Because of these two little helping hands our banana bread came out all the more sweeter. Every mom has moments with their children they cherish and will stay with them. This is one of mine.

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