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Birthday Adventures

August 2, 2017

After I overcame my denial and subsequent sadness that the boys turned 3 this passed Sunday, we decided to do something different for the day. Our boys have a lot of toys and was not in need of anything new. A gift of experience would be a wonderful way to celebrate! We wanted to take them somewhere they’ve never been before and decided on our local zoo. It was by far the smallest zoo I have ever been to but it was the perfect walking distance for my tiny humans. We didn’t even bring our stroller, our boys are big boys now and we believed they could make the walk and they did. Oh god, I’m going to go ugly cry in this corner.

The Edmonton Valley Zoo was a good place to introduce younger children to animals. There was a small train, carousel, petting zoo and multiple ice cream kiosks. And if you’re children are ice cream demons like mine, they will love this place just for that point alone.

The walks are short and easy for toddlers to trek the whole place as it’s small. The downside is the zoo is rundown and in desperate need of renovations. The animals seemed content but I personally felt the zoo was too small for the animals they did have. Honestly, I was a bit sad. I’ve never felt like that at any other zoo so I don’t think we would make another trip back. But with that said, it was a good, different outing for my little ones, who didn’t seem to notice anything besides how fun it is to see animals in real life.

That was our day! What do you like to do with your toddlers? Fire off in the comments so I can have ideas for next year!