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organizing toys

May 3, 2017

The chaos that is a house with little children. Stepping on random lego is a serious parenting hazard! Before the boys were born I had this vision of a beautiful playroom and nursery, where everything matched, coordinating pillows and with all toys in pretty wicker baskets. HA. I laugh now as my living room floor looks like Toys R Us threw up all over it.

In the boys playroom we have a long Ikea Kallax unit, the one with a eight cubby holes. We used bright coloured baskets and that held extra toys for a long time. And somehow toys ended up scattered on the floor regardless. I wanted something transparent where the boys could see the toys inside instead of dumping a whole basket and realizing what they wanted wasn’t in there. Continue Reading


mommy tips: paint day!

March 31, 2017

The boys are 2.5 years old and at an age where they can sit still enough to paint. I bought some supplies, covered everything as best as I could and hoped my home wouldn’t be completely destroyed after. It turned out so fun and was an actual success! I’ll share how I got everything set up.

–  Equipment Needed –
Disposable paper plates to hold the paint
Kid friendly, toxic free, washable (very important!) paint. We bought Crayola Washable Kid’s Paint, 10 pack
Painter’s smocks or in my case, kitchen garbage bags
Saran wrap or tablecloth
Painting paper

– Some Tips –
I really admire moms who do sensory activities with their kids, I always imagine the mess they’ll make and shy away from them. I needed to learn to let go and let them be kids. Kids get dirty, get messy and if they have fun or learn something in process than what is a little clean up? But with that said, I try to keep the mess sort of contained. Well, I try anyways.

– I Saran wrap the surface of the table. I find it better than a table cloth as the saran wrap clings and doesn’t move. And after you’re done, pull up the saran, wrap all the disposable items and you’re left with a cleaner table surface!

– I didn’t have painter’s smocks so I used what I had: garbage bags! I took smaller kitchen bags, cut holes for their arms and legs and then loosely tied the bottom so they wouldn’t trip over it. They still got pretty dirty but it helped keep them more dry and it was pretty cute seeing them in bags for some reason. 🙂

– I bought paintbrushes with larger handles and brush heads to help their smaller hands grip and paint with. I also bought Crayola brand ones because it was right next to the paint.

– I used calligraphy grade paper that I already had at home. It held up really well under the paint and being painted over and over. Small canvases would also work!

That’s all, give it a go and have fun! And then throw everyone into the tub afterwards!

Have fun and good luck!
xx, CiCi



some of my favourite sweet recipes

November 8, 2016

I’ve been making cakes for years and I’ve found some recipe gems online. These recipes are great for a novice baker. For your next gathering, make a cake instead of buying it! You don’t have to decorate it all fancy with chocolate sails and such, like how I do it for clients. Keep it simple and rustic. Cake and icing…nothing wrong with that! There’s such a charm to home baked cakes that I just love, hopefully you’ll find a recipe you and your family can enjoy! Continue Reading

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happy birthday! party ideas and tips

August 9, 2016

The boys’ birthday this year was relatively smaller. The guest count was limited to close friends with children and immediate family. Thought I’d share some photos of the day and some party planning tips! We did a pirate themed party, hopefully this will give some you ideas if you would like to have a similar theme.

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picassos in the making, DIY painted canvases

April 2, 2016

Maximus and Logan are 21 months old and grow bored very quickly. They are not entertained by “free play” as much as they used to. I actively have to think up of activities to distract them and finger painting seemed to fit the bill. I wanted to make an actual keepsake and painted canvases would be perfect. I am hanging these up without frames so I bought thick Gallery-Grade Wrapped canvases for this project. Truthfully, I’m terrible at DIY but luckily there is not much to actually do in this instance. What I did to prep the canvases are as follows

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