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freshly squeezed.

November 14, 2017

When Steve bought home this Breville Citrus Press Pro, I was highly skeptical. He spent top dollar for a gadget to make orange juice? How often do I need to make freshly squeezed orange juice to even justify an appliance like this? How practical is it to have one appliance serve only a single purpose–to juice oranges? As I said, highly skeptical.

How my mind has changed. I can’t even admit it to Steve how much I love this thing. It sits on my countertop and I juice oranges every day. Have you had freshly squeezed orange juice? There is really nothing like it. It’s fresh, healthy, and a great alternative to all the sugary juices I tend to crave.

Besides my every day use, this appliance is perfect for large batches of orange juice, lemonade or limeade. The Pro version has two filter baskets for light or heavy pulp. There also is a  cheaper version of this press but I don’t own it to give it a proper review. But I recommend to check specs of both to find which suits your needs the best.

The machine is powerful and juices citrus fruit at lighting speed. You cut your fruit in half, put the section onto the stainless steel cone. Pull the handle down, the pressure will start the machine up. It whirs and squeezes every drop out. Its crazy how it leaves practically an empty shell behind and it’s so fast! If your a fan of fresh juice, you know it takes a lot of oranges to make up one cup–it takes three to four to fill a standard mason jar. It’s a lot of work! But with this baby, there is no more killing your arm juicing a million oranges, this thing does it in the fraction of the time and effort. After it’s done, throw all the removable compartments into the dishwasher!

This would make a wonderful, luxury Christmas gift for that special someone in your life. It’s an appliance someone wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves but would love to have. And like me, they’d probably come to use it a lot!

Happy juicing!

Food Motherhood

life is pretty sweet, sharing our favourite banana bread recipe

October 3, 2016

I hope as they get older, they’ll enjoy being in the kitchen as much as I do. When they play outside with friends and remember its dinner time–everything gets dropped as they rush home because I’m cooking. That’s the dream anyways. Like Monica on Friends, she aspires to be the mom who makes the best chocolate chip cookies, I want to be that. To have your kids move away and miss the home they grew up in, the smell of vanilla from the oven, or the comfort their mom’s cooking brings them. Its a simple dream, but kind of the best.

This is the first time they’ve helped me bake something. Sure it’s more mess than help. Flour everywhere, some of the vanilla missed the bowl, I’m sure there are random egg shells mixed in. But it was all smiles and laughter. Because of these two little helping hands our banana bread came out all the more sweeter. Every mom has moments with their children they cherish and will stay with them. This is one of mine.

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