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January 10, 2018

I have a thing for lists. Writing them, following them, reading them. Lists everywhere! Here is some of my most used and loved items of 2017. Which is now being posted in 2018… Apart from lists, I also have a thing for procrastination. This list is very telling to where my life is currently at. It’s a mashup of beauty items, books I loved, to the toddler potty we prefer. Ah, the life of a young mother! Without any further ado, here is my list for 2017!

Well, here it goes!


1 Anker Elite Dual Port USB Charger We have so many apple products in our home, there are charger ports and cables everywhere. This dual port makes it convenient to charge both boys’ iPads at the same time. And when we travel we only need to bring the one. I got mine off Amazon.

2 North Kinder Tees – There are many local shops we love. North Kinder is one of them. We adore our striped and light grey tees from this brand. Lightweight, stretchy, great fabric. If you are in the #yeg area, Max and Maude sell the brand or you can get it online.

3 Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur – A book of poems that destroyed me. Broke my heart and yet, uplifted me. Easy read but so good.

4 Splendid White Tee – I am a white tee and jeans kinda girl, through and through. Splendid tees are my absolute favourite. So soft and has a great drape. I recently got this new deep V Neck one at their boutique in New York. But check them out online here.

5 Toddler Nike Free – We love these sneakers! Flexible and super lightweight. It’s a great everyday shoe for active boys. My boys have the older model and I actually prefer it to the newer one. But we will be getting them the new model once they outgrow these.

6 Little Blue Truck – One of the boys’ favourite book of the year. I’ve read this a million times and can probably recite it in my sleep…

7 Kit and Ace – What can I say, as I am getting older I like pricey basics. ha. Yes, Kit and Ace is expensive. But yes, they are so worth it. I’ve never been so impressed with a line of clothing. Their technical cashmere fabric is so unbelievably soft and wearable but you can throw it into your washing machine. Chasmere and washing machine. What! To this date, none of my pieces have warped or gone pilly. Mind. Blown.

8 Batiste Dry Shampoo – Bastiste has been well known for their affordable but good dry shampoos. It’s one of my favoties, I like the scent, it removes all oil without being sticky. Great affordable product. I like the dark/brunette colour.

9 Heart in a Bottle by Oliver Jeffers – My pick for kid book of the year. This book will keep kids happy and destroy parents… just sayin’. Poignant and heartbreaking all at the same time.

10 Madewell’s Slouchy BeanieI have the oatmeal colour and its been my go-to winter headwear. I got mine in New York. But you can shop them online.

11 Ikea Lockig Potty – It was the year of potty training…and pee everywhere. Boys will be boys. There are many potties on the market but this ikea one does such a good job and its under $10! Simple construction and effective in its use. Win all around.

12 Two Piece Sleepers – Our favourites are from Gap, Carters, and Old Navy. My boys sleep and live in these. We’ve even worn the ones with cute pants out to dinner. No shame.

13 COSRX Morning Gel Clenser – I started to make the effort and take better care of my skin. This cleanser is affordable, easy to use, and doesn’t dry out my skin. I bought mine off

14 Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Outlaw – I’m in love with this matte liquid lipstick! Incredibly soft on the lips, not drying and very comfortable wear. The shade outlaw is a brick red and absolutely gorgeous. I got mine at Sephora.

15 Made by Mary Double Disc Necklace – This initial necklace has not left my neck all year. Mine are the 3/8″ round discs. Dainty, feminine, and personalized, all things I love in jewelry.

16 Lodge Cast Iron Skillet – I’ve heard so many good things about cast iron. And after watching so much Pioneer Woman this year, I went and got one. And let me tell you, nothing cooks a steak the way cast iron does. The 10″ pan now has a forever place in my heart. You don’t need anything expensive, a standard, original, lodge one you can find at camping stores will last you forever with proper care.

17 Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray – Yes, another dry shampoo on my list. I am a mom after all, dry shampoo is pretty much a shower in a bottle. This one is much more expensive and higher end then the Batiste listed above. I have very silky, heavy hair that never holds its shape. This spray gives my hair volume and texture to hold buns and curls. And it smells great!

18 Custom Star Map – One of my most favorite purchases this year. These are original, personalized, astronomically accurate star maps made by an Astrophysicist P.HD. She uses her own algorithms and personalizes it to the date you choose from where you are located. This star map was made for Max and Logan’s birthdate, in the city they were born. It’s one of the coolest art pieces in my home.

19 Carhartt Acrylic Watch Hat – My husband lives in Carhartt, mostly for work and function. The boys and I have slowly stolen his work gear. We love his collection of Acrylic hats, they’re ultra warm, stretchy but keeps it shape. Because of its stretchy nature they fit the boys really well and the larger fit looks really cute on them!

20 Letterboard – These are all the rage aren’t they? And for good reason, brings back all the vintage feels and they’re super cute! Mine is the informant size in black and I got it off of @shopwordsandco.

21 1/4 Sheet Pan – These smaller sheet pans are so useful! Because of their small size, its perfect for prep work, for small batches of baking. It’s simple and functional, all the things I love in a product. Many brands carry these such as Nordic Ware. You can also find them at any kitchen store.

22 Cravings Cookbook by Chrissy Teigen – I loved this cookbook! It was food you actually crave. Fried chicken wings, mac and cheese, sausage gravy and biscuits, dutch baby pancakes, seriously deadly mashed potatoes. Photos are beautiful (why else do we buy cookbooks!), Teigen’s witty anecdotes were enjoyable and most importantly, of the recipes I cooked, all worked for me. Definitely a favourite on my cookbook shelf.

23 The North Face Arctic Down Parka – My winter jacket was old and a good 10 years old. It was time for a replacement. We live in a very extreme climate, harsh winters and we do not joke about our winter jackets here. This parker is both functional, warm, and flattering due to the cinched waist. Let’s hope it’ll last me another 10! I got mine at SportChek on their boxing day sale.

24 Nickelodeon Toddler Briefs – The boys started potty training this year. They are very tiny babies with absolutely no bum and no hips to speak off. All conventional toddler underwear we found (Gapkids, Carters, Osh Kosh, Old Navy etc) fell right off them. I randomly found these Nickelodeon branded Bubble Guppies underwear at Walmart and these are made much smaller than the other ones and it fit my boys really well! And at 10 dollars a pack, they’re affordable.

25 Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick – Bold, high impact, highly saturated lipstick. Color payoff and pigmentation is amazing. The colour Beetroot has been on my lips a lot this year. I got mine at Sephora.

And that’s it! 25 of some of my most used items this year! What made your list?


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