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6 toddler wardrobe pieces i love

May 23, 2017

Some lovely people have commented saying my children are stylish. Albeit very flattering, its not as complicated as people might think. I don’t spend much time “styling” them, we keep a pretty basic, mostly neutral wardrobe which makes matching easier.

Here are my top 6 items I’ve purchase over and over.

  1. Basic Cardigan – I love cardigans for myself and for my children for many reasons. One, out of practical function. We live in a temperamental climate, one moment it’s hot, the next its cold. We’ve become masters of layering. Two, I find adding a cardigan will elevate an outfit, layers add dimension and it’s a quick way to add chicness to a toddler’s outfit.
  2. Leggings – My boys live in leggings. They sleep, play, eat, go out in them. Lots of small shops and big box stores have many options. Also they’re super comfortable!
  3. The Graphic tee – This is where we take the opportunity to inject personality with cute graphics and smart sayings we love. And if they really obsessed with batman etc., I’ll find them an understated batman tee that sits under a cardigan and doesn’t feel to overly cartoonish. Graphic tees also add a slight edge to an outfit which matches their daddy’s way of dressing.
  4. A windbreaker or nice coat – This is for functional reasons. But I have a thing for outerwear. Where their dad cultivates their sneaker and hat collection, I add to the outerwear portion.
  5. Stretchy, skinny jeans – Jeans are sometimes needed if we have a nice dinner or event we need to attend. The stretchy part is important because of comfort and the skinny cut flatters my boys skinnier, shorter legs.
  6. Hats – Especially ones with flat visors. Their father has a massive hat collection and these boys just love them. We wear a lot of winter hats and for the spring and summer their snapbacks come out to play. We love New Era caps, especially their Marvel themed ones. The Captain America and Iron Man logos compliment the kid they are but the cut of hat makes it trendier. Its the best of both worlds.

If there a print heavy shirt like this cactus one, I try to find one that is a single colour and not to overwhelming. Max’s Zara Stripped tee is one of my favourites. Simple but chic and matches with everything.

This is essentially our going out outfit formula. Graphic tee, skinny jeans, cardigan, and air jordans.

Also I thought I’d share some of my very loose guidelines when I dress my boys.

  1. It has to be comfortable. I don’t ever sacrifice their comfort for aesthetics.
  2. Most items are in neutral colours without too many graphics or prints.
  3. I do love colour. However, I limit the colour pop mostly to their t-shirts and a a few of their pants. Also I tend limit the amount of colours to a handful. This helps matching their clothes easier and keeps me from buying a shirt that might not look good with anything else and then ends up never being worn. We love blues, muted greens, mustard yellow, and burgundy. Greys, blacks, and whites are a given.
  4. Beside’s their graphic tees with simple slogans or a single picture on it, I tend to stay away from shirts with really busy designs or cartoon characters. However, that’s my preference and when they are older and if they wish to wear a minion shirt or whatnot, I will give in.
  5. I also don’t dress my twins identically, so I never purchase two of an item. The exception is their limited edition sneakers, the husband always will buy one for each baby.

One piece rompers like the Rags and Raches one Max is wearing is a goof outfit alternative. Doesn’t require anything thinking, pop it on and you’re done! Loggie is matching his brother with Portage and Main bottoms with a Huckleberry Threads tee. Both have their New Era caps, cardigans and zara scarves.

Some shops we frequently shop at are: Zara, H&M, Joe Fresh, Gap Kids and Old Navy for big box stores. Carters is our go to for sleepwear.

Small shops we love are: Whistle and Flute, Trilogy Design Co., Portage and Main, Wolf Pup ThreadsLittle Ice Tribe, Huckleberry Threads, Avenue G, Rags to Raches and many more.

Hope this helps! Follow @wongertwins on Instagram where I tag what the boys are wearing and makes finding items that much easier. Have a great day friends!

A good lightweight windbreaker is perfect for season transition and good for going for a layered look. Their Marvel themed New Era caps are some of our favourites, it keeps them looking like children with the big pop of colour and the style of hat keeps with the “trendier” outfit! Win!

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