Confessions Motherhood

much to be grateful for.

May 18, 2017

Parenthood. It’s never easy. Young children will undoubtedly strain a relationship. People never say that because it doesn’t sound pretty. It’s not politically correct to say children are the cause of discourse in a marriage. Children are supposed to be the light of your life, a blessing. And they are. But the truth is, children change your reality, as they should. It’s life altering and comes with many bumps, learning curves and loads of disagreement. When severe exhaustion hits, in the wee hours of the morning with two screaming newborns, you’ll fight. Trust me, sanity starts slipping when you don’t sleep. You’ll fight over how to load a diaper genie and ask redundant questions like “why are they not sleeping?!” and everything your spouse does at that point will annoy every nerve in your body. I’m surprised me and Steve made it. But we did.
As with every challenge Steve and I face, we work. We work hard to overcome it. We work hard to make our marriage what it is. It’s never come easy to us, we’re two very different people who just happen to have the same values and goals. And I’m grateful for him. He sat with me in a dark bathroom when I went through hormonal baby blues and wanted to cry in the dark. He’s sponge bathed me when I was hospitalized and had surgery. He works like a dog for our family and not once has ever made me feel inferior because I’m at home with the kids. And then he listens to my frustration about being a stay at home mom. There is no other partner I’d want to lose sleep with, have babies with or fight about the correct way to dispose a dirty diaper. That’s my truth today. And everyday really. There’s so much to be grateful for.

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