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May 9, 2017

Before having children of my own, I would buy the typical stuffed animal or a cute nursery decor item for a new baby. After having children, I realize how unpractical and kind of useless (sorry! >_<) stuffed animals are. When the boys were born, a girlfriend of mine assembled a basket filled with practical items most people wouldn’t think to give. Things like infant Tylenol and diaper rash cream. When you have a newborn, its incredibly overwhelming, there are a million products geared towards babies and a million brands that make them. It’s nice to have someone with experience buy items to give you a starting point and the new mom can slowly take her time and figure out which exact things she prefers for her own child.

Her gift basket was by far the most used gift in all of the items I received through my baby shower. Now I have made it a habit to build a box for friends who are first time parents and these are some items I include.

  • Infant medication. Tylenol, Motrin, D Drops
  • My favourite wipes. Honest Wipes can be used everything, bum to cheek. These wipes rank highly on many mommy sites and #2 on
  • ZIPPERED onesies. The frustration of snaps in the middle of the night after 7 feeds will be the end of you!
  • A crunchy stuffy, rattle or baby toy. And if I do include a “useless” stuffed animal, I usually go for JellyCat brand ones, super soft and adorable!
  • Washcloths. Practical and will be used often. I used these for everything, spit up, a makeshift bib, to wash my babies, to wipe surrounding areas etc.
  • Diaper rash cream of your choice
  • CeraVe lotion. My kids use the regular CeraVe but there are baby options as well. It’s been the most effective lotion for my kids’ slightly dry skin. It’s non greasy and we just love it around here!
  • A book. Yes, babies will have no use for this but when my babies were newborns I would read as I held them. I have no idea if they heard me nor did they understand. But the sound of my voice calmed them and it’s a memory I hold dear to my heart.

  • Swaddle Blankets. I like Aden and Anais Muslin swaddles. Like washcloths, these will be well loved. My kids were swaddled for a very long time. I used these as blankets, stroller cover, car seat cover, swaddle, burp cloth, play mat etc. There are so many uses for them and are worth the investment.
  • A nasal aspirator. You would never think to buy a snot sucker for someone but it’s so useful! My kids would get sick and congestion is the killer of sleep. Clearing their nasal passage keeps them more comfortable and is a win for everyone! I really like the Hydrasense one.

These are just a few suggestions to what I usually include in my basket. Diapers, formula, pacifiers, bibs bottles, breast milk refill freezer bags, baby vicks, baby shampoo are also good options to consider.

A couple basket assembly tips:

  • Stuff the bottom of the basket with crunched up newspaper or tissue paper. Gives the items height and doesn’t make everything sink to the bottom.
  • Tape items together to keep them from moving and ruining the placement.
  • Larger and heavier items at the back and work forward with smaller items in the front.
  • Cut the tags or packaging off awkward items and stuffed animals and place on top or fill in empty space.

Your friend and any new mom will be so appreciative of this little but thoughtful care package. I definitely will never forget my first one and hopefully your friend will find a good use for all the items included!

Heading off to visit the new mama and new baby at the hospital! Along with our basket, flowers and balloons are always a happy present to bring!

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