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a quick mother’s day gift guide

May 2, 2017

Here are some of my picks for Mother’s Day’s gifts! As a mother, I would love to sleep in the whole day and drink an iced cold coke in peace and spend quality time with my family. That’s probably the best gift anyone can give me. Butttt sometimes moms just need something a little pretty. These are some tangible items and gift ideas I thought would be lovely for any mother to receive. And they are:

1. Mommy and Me Photoshoot. Look for local photographer who specializes in family lifestyle and see if they offer “Mommy and Me” sessions. Mothers are rarely in photos because they are usually TAKING the photo! This gives moms a chance to dress up, do their makeup, and have a professional shoot them. Because it’s a “Mommy and Me” session, it will focus just on mom and her babes, she doesn’t need another christmas card family photo. She needs photos to make her feel like a beautiful mother not the hot mess she usually is–oh wait, just me? 😉

2. Laura Mercier Bath Products. This isn’t a new item and has been around for years but I just love it. It’s a luxury bath product and it will make her feel like a million bucks. And it’s a gorgeous present to open. The scents and beautiful packaging will make her feel like she is at a spa even if it’s just at home. My favourite scent is Ambre Vanilla. Available at Sephora.

3. Jewelery. A Mother’s day gift guide wouldn’t be complete without jewelry appearing somewhere on the list. I own this Made By Mary charm necklace and am IN LOVE with it and wear it constantly. Its dainty, simple and stamped with my children’s initials so it carries a lot of meaning for me. A couple other beautiful (but more expensive) picks are by Catbird, their personalized gold Dollhouse Locket and gold Ballerina bracelet. 4. Mosser Milk Glass Cake Stand. A durable, weighted cake stand should be in every kitchen (says the baker in me). It’s not only used for cakes but can serve cookies, baked goods, or to hold fruit when not in use. And they’re so pretty! I prefer the classic white but all the colour ways are beautful. I purchased mine from Duchess Provisions.

5. Rupi Kaur’s “Milk and Honey”. It’s a quick read but a incredibly moving collection of poetry. It stirs all sorts of emotion and is difficult to describe. You just have to read it and let the words envelop you. It’s beautifully written and hits straight to the heart. Highly recommended.

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