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postcard from mexico

April 20, 2017

My best friend got married this past week in Rivera Maya, Mexico. Friends and family traveled down and stayed at the Azul Fives Resort to be with her on her special day. Here is my photo travel diary for the short time I was there. I will also be sharing a mini review of the resort we stayed at down below. xx

my beautiful best friend, a couple days before her wedding

The Azul Fives Resort is a small one tucked behind the main strip heading towards Playa Del Carmen. Its decor and architecture was more modern than all Mexican resorts I’ve been to before. With its white buildings, green foliage it was a very beautiful. Rooms were updated tastefully and if staying on the Esscence side of the resort, the rooms are new with concrete and modern furnishings.

Food at the resort was the standout point for me. When it comes to Mexican all-inclusive, food can be a hit or miss. At most resorts, the food is just okay but nothing too spectacular. However this resort’s quality of food I found to be superior even though the buffet offerings are smaller in quantity. The restaurants were very good. In the case of the Italian and Thai restaurants, I would’ve paid to eat that kind of quality of food back home. I was pleasantly surprised at how much care their chefs put into keeping the menus relatively authentic. One of the best items were their tacos. As stereotypical as having tacos in Mexico can be. They had little carts with cooks pressing fresh corn tortillas and frying them on the spot, filling it with beef, pork and fish. I still dream about them.
As for activities, there isn’t too much to do on the resort. There are tennis and basketball courts but the late night activities were not as abundant as other places I’ve stayed. The live music and singers they brought in were very good, probably the best I’ve seen in Mexico. Azul Fives is a good, quiet resort for people who are looking to unwind. But I would suggest to get off the resort on excursions to make the most of your stay in Mexico.

The smaller beach was beautiful to look at but very rocky. You will have to step pass the rock barrier to get to the soft sand in the water, water shoes would be a good asset to have here. Because the resort is smaller, there is always an available lounge chair which is a huge plus for me! There were also ample umbrellas and shade which is appreciated.

Their infinity pool is gorgeous, leading up and drawing your eye towards the beach. There is a system of pools that connect and run throughout the resort, weaving in and out of the villas. This provides quieter areas well suited for families with young children. A unique feature of Azul Fives is its bridge. A wooden bridge that spans the resort and cuts through a natural jungle. Spider monkey sightings are common. For a girl from a very non tropical country, seeing monkeys was something very exciting indeed.

The wedding. I wasn’t too involved with the wedding planning process on the resort end. But from what my girlfriend told me the coordinators knew what they were doing, they were quick and efficient. The wedding went very smoothly without any large mishaps. They set everything up for her and it turned out beautiful with chiavari chairs, beautiful rustic centrepieces they provided and white and blush accents. She got married on their Sky Deck as opposed to the traditional beachside wedding. It overlooked the skyline and was absolutely stunning. It’s a good option for someone looking for an alternative to a sandy ceremony.

Staff were pleasant, friendly and courteous. Rooms were clean and well maintained. And the showers were hot. It seems trivial to mention but I take showers that could probably blister normal people and I appreciate really hot water. Overall, our stay was lovely and enjoyable. And on a vain note, this resort is incredibly photogenic. Every corner you pass there is an interesting wall or decorative feature begging to be photographed. So coming from someone who has their camera permanently attached to their body, this definitely was a positive feature.

That was our stay! Where is your favorite place to go when in Mexico? If you are heading somewhere soon, happy travels!


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