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oh Canmore, you’re pretty awesome.

March 1, 2017

My best girlfriends and I headed into the mountains to celebrate one of us leaving her single days behind her. And what better way to send her off to marital bliss by taking a weekend away? Visiting the Canadian rockies needs to be on everyone’s bucket list. The mountains, the crisp air, the bluest water. My goodness, be still my heart. We avoided the more touristy Banff area and decided to stay in the quieter town of Canmore, AB. Surrounded by snow capped mountains, charming street corners and great food. Oh my god, the food is stellar in Canmore. I still don’t understand how such a small town can so deliver on their culinary offerings. My girlfriends, taste buds, and the food gods thank you.

We got into Canmore quite late in the evening. Tired from the long drive, we picked up take out from The Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. This little spot in Canmore is insanely busy, we received a busy signal every time we tried calling but we persisted. And it was worth every second of the wait! Their flatbread style pizzas are artisanal oven baked, thin, crispy and topped with fresh, local produce. We ordered a couple salads but the flatbread was definitely the star and a big hit with my tired crew.

Before heading for spa day at The Bodhi Tree Spa at the Silver Creek Lodge, we ventured out to Le Fournil. I’ve visited this beautiful bakery the last time I was in Canmore. And once again, it not disappoint. There was something wonderful about all the ladies working in front, busily running around making coffees, serving up pastries all the while quickly speaking in their charming french accent.

They serve a wide array of small meals, sweets, and breads. But their laminated pastries are where its at–traditional croissants, danishes, chocolatines, and ones filled with ham and cheese or more accurately, jambon et emmental. Flaky, crispy, and buttery. So so sooo good and highly recommended.

We had a little time before our spa treatments, we decided to walk the main shopping street. Filled with boutiques, souvenir shops, even an old fashioned candy shop. But everytime I’m in the area, I make a point to visit Cafe Books. It’s an independently owned book store filled to the brim with gifts, knick knacks, and a large selection of curated books. I love big box book stores like anyone else but they have nothing on this place. Nothing. And it makes you wish more stores like this existed. Through the doors you’re bombarded by many beautiful corners filled with hand painted teacups, greeting cards, antiques, throw pillows littered amongst volumes of books. It’s a feast for the eyes and senses. The back of their store is dedicated to children’s books and I always pick up a few for the boys. Even though I want to buy everything off the bookcase. The last time I visited, they had a feature area dedicated to Jane Austen and this time they had a section of unique editions of Harry Potter books. Swoonnnnn. I could spend forever in this place. Maybe forever and a day.

That evening we took our girl out to celebrate her bachelorette party. We chose the restaurant Tapas. Three of us have been before and were itching to return. I don’t know what it is about Canmore but they have such great little restaurants. I would return to Canmore solely for it’s food. Tapas was such a joy. The service is friendly, unpretentious, and knowledgeable. They serve up small tapas meant to be eaten family style. To me, there is no way else to eat then to share one’s food! It was a wonderful way to end what already was a great day.

We didn’t stay in Banff but felt it’d be a waste not to pay it a visit. On our last day, before heading home, we drove half an hour to Fairmont Banff Springs. A legendary hotel, the “Castle in the Rockies” nestled amongst the mountains. We had a reservation for Afternoon Tea in their Rundle Lounge. With a large selection of loose leaf teas, tea sandwiches, scones, and sweets, we were in heaven.

The best part of brunch surprisingly wasn’t the food (which was really good), it was actually the spectacular view. The Rundle Lounge has floor to ceiling glass windows overlooking the mountains. The atmosphere and epic views are hard to beat. And will be sorely missed.

Like what? I don’t even need the food, I’ll just look out the window… Just kidding, I’ll take the food too.

It was an amazing trip, with my equally amazing girlfriends. It was refreshing to have a little time to slip away and remember what it’s like to be me. A me apart from being a mother. It’s become hard to identify myself as anything else but Max and Logan’s mom. To be fair, being a mother will always be my greatest achievement and the happiest part of my life. But this trip reminded me that I am also a woman who enjoys other things. A woman who sometimes needs to spend time with other adults who can carry on full sentences. I have always believed a little time to oneself makes you a better parent. Time and space to recharge makes anyone healthier, more well equipped to take on their daily challenges. So thank you Canmore for giving me myself again. Stay awesome. Until I see you again. xx



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