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happy birthday steve

January 17, 2017

Happy birthday to the man of our life. The person who works hard so the boys can have me at home with them. He makes our life possible. Without him we wouldn’t have choo choo trains, kids would bathe haphazardly and the house would be a mess. As all married people know, spouses can drive you insane so let me take this oppourtunity to express how I’m grateful for Steve. And to remind myself why I am so lucky to have him.

He’s an amazing father. Fatherhood did not come smoothly or easy for Steve. Being an introvert, he had to make a conscious effort to talk and engage with the boys. The effort and the sheer will to try is what makes him an amazing father.

He’s a wonderful role model for these boys. He’s family orientated, he prefers coming home, instead of going out. He genuinely likes being around his family. His work ethic and his drive to learn are qualities I hope these boys adopt in the future.

He loves with his whole heart. And is unapologetically loyal, almost to a fault. He is a man of very little words but a man of big and consistent action. He will do everything in his power to take care of the people he loves. So how lucky are we??

So a big happy birthday to the love of my life, the father of my children. We hope this year will bring you so much happiness. But hey, we’re in it so it’s already a guaranteed good time!

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