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my favorite pieces of jewelry

November 15, 2016

I’ve slowly traded in the rings that turn my finger blue and invested in jewelry pieces I hope to wear forever. When I had Max and Logan, I gave up wearing jewelry. My fingers were swollen from pregnancy, the boys are young and I didn’t want to accidentally scratch them with metal or have them tug on something that was attached to my ear. Ouch. But when I do get the chance to go out, it’s a treat to put on something a little shiny, a little pretty.

I usually always notice jewelry on a woman. I never focus on the monetary value, I’m curious of the history behind it. If that piece meant anything to her, did someone special gift it? Was it an family heirloom? Jewelry can be very sentimental, it reflects your style, it’s personal.

Today, I thought I’d share some of the pieces I own and why they’re sentimental to me.

Wedding pearls. This was part of my wedding gift from Steve. I wore it on my wedding day and I love just pulling them out and running my fingers along the cold beads. It brings back some of my happiest memories.

Bean necklace. I am laughing as I write because I just realized almost all my sentimental jewelry comes from the man I married. I cherish everything he’s given me. This Tiffany and Co. Bean necklace was given to me right after Max and Loggie were born, as if to say “good job! good job!”. I made, housed, and birthed two babies. Damn straight I did a good job! We used to go to our ultrasounds so happy to see our little “jellybeans” jumping around in there and this bean reminds us of that. After awhile, we got an M and L engraved on the back of the pendant.

Nut. This little thing is incredibly special to me. It’s an actual Nut (like nut and bolt) Steve bought at the hardware store. He machined and smoothed out the threads to fit my finger and got the whole thing chromed. He proposed with this nut. He wanted us to pick out our real rings together but felt he needed something to actually give me when he went down on one knee…and here it is. A labour of love, thought, and care. Why a nut? I’m the nut to his bolt…and because well, I’m a little nutty. Okay, maybe a lot nutty.

Deer Necklace. Lets go back to my roots here, to the days when I wore costume jewelry with pride. When I would scrub off the green residue that was left after I wore something I bought for cheap. But hey, we are all young once and it’s fun to have disposable, trendy jewelry to wear. I bought this tiny necklace from a department store. I got it for $10 on the sale rack and its been with me ever since. I have no idea what its made of but surprisingly, it hasn’t tarnished! Win! I’ve always had a fondness for deer. My parents owned a graphic’s design company when I was younger; a pair of deer was their logo. It reminds me of my childhood.

Initial Rings (from Catbird). I bought these after I had lost my engagement and wedding band (I ended up finding them months later, thank goodness!). I needed something to wear on my ring finger, something to console me after thinking my real rings were gone forever. These three initials stand for the most important people to me, the three men in my life. S for Steve, M for Max and L for Logan. It reminds me that diamonds, gold, and all those frivolous things don’t really matter. It’s the people in your life, the people you chose to love and who love you back that matters.

Engagement and wedding band
. This list wouldn’t be complete without my wedding bands. The single most expensive piece of jewelry I own and quite possibly will ever own. These rings mean a lot to me, it signifies the commitment Steve and I made to each other. A reminder of the day we got married, the day we decided to be each other’s future. It reminds me of our first dance (where he almost tripped me), of the happy tears (so many tears, all me), of us signing the paperwork to forever. And its sparkly. Life can always use a little more sparkle.

What’s your most favourite piece of jewelry and why?

Thanks for reading!


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