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our toddler airplane essentials

August 23, 2016

Traveling with a toddler (or two!) is hard work. Its an anxious, nerve wracking, and cumbersome. But hey, you can’t let that stop you from living life and showing your toddlers new things or places! Because it’s stressful traveling with young children, your first line of defence is to be prepared. Almost borderline over prepared.

We first took a flight with the boys when they were barely 14 months and at that time we carried a whole lot more. They needed more diapers, bottles etc. Our boys turned two on this trip so traveling was slightly lighter. Here is what we bring on our carry on and hope this helps anyone traveling soon!

airplane251. Diapers. aim for a diaper ever hour of your trip just in case of diaper explosions, delays, layovers, unexpected overnight stays. For twins, for a 3.5 hour flight, I brought 8 regular diapers, 3 overnight diapers.
2. Change Pad. For obvious reasons.
3. Multi Purpose Wipes. I bring Honest Wipes because I can use that to wipe sticky hands, faces, table tops, to their bums. Its safe to use everywhere.
4. Anti Bacterial WipesPlanes are filthy, I quickly wipe my surrounding area and the change area of the washroom.
5. Change of clothes (not pictured). For BOTH you and the babies. Lightweight items are best because they don’t add bulk. Pjs pants and cotton tshirts for babies, leggings and tshirt for mama. Accidents will inevitably happen and be prepared for it. Max decided he will pee on himself while I was changing him one flight. On another, Loggie gagged on apple juice and projectile vomited all over himself and me. I was so grateful I brought extra clothes for everyone that flight.

This is an important area for toddlers. They are at an age where they hate sitting still and will run free and wild if you let them. Try to bring new toys and things they haven’t seen before. Keep them in your bag and pull out one toy at a time to suspend their attention. When they’re bored, pull out a new one. Here is some of the items we brought.


1. iPad. I cannot stress this enough. If you are against technology fine. But make this the one time you make an exception. You’re on a plane and your child decides to go scream bloody murder, give them an iPad loaded with all their favorite cartoons, pre downloaded youtube videos and new educational apps and watch silence happen. Its glorious. We have both our minis protected by this cute iGuy by Speck case. Its durable and easy to hold for little hands!
2. Dollar Store Toys. Make a trip to your local store and pick up a bunch of random items. My boys love toy cars, keychain holders, random dollarstore junk. The good thing is these toys are disposable and cheap just in case your baby whips it across the aisle and its gone forever.
3. Grab-N-Go Play Packs. I found these also at the dollarstore and thought they were so clever. Its a little pack with colouring book, small pack of crayons, stickers etc. all in your favourite character themes.
4. PlayDoh. I found tiny tubs which were a perfect travel size. We had a couple of them with us and they loved them. PlayDoh can get messy but we found our boys were pretty good with playing with it on the flip tray table and because it wasn’t a big quantity of dough to begin with, it was easily contained. A definite win on this flight.

Snacks, Snacks, Snacks!IMG_4860
When entertainment fails, what will secure a child’s attention? Snacks and treats they don’t get often. Yes, I bribe my children. I don’t even deny it. Some treats I brought were some old favourites such as rice crackers. Some other ideas are:

Old Dutch Popcorn Twists–They LOVE these.
Teddy Grahams
Mini Oreos
Ritz Crackers
Granola, Oat and Nut bars
Fruit and Veggie Pouches
NutriGrain bars
Sea Salt Crackers
Fruit Loops on a String so it takes time to bite each off



Other Necessities and Comfort Items
1. Bottles and or Sippy Cup. I fill these with milk for take off and landing and have never had a problem with their ears popping.
2. Thermos. To keep your milk warm or cold (whichever your baby prefers). Most security gates will let you through with liquids intended for children. Check with your airport before flying.
3. Small Travel Pillow. I bought a really good quality travel pillow through an
airline awhile back and it goes everywhere with me. At some point your
child will probably want to be held or even sleep on you, having a pillow to brace your arm is a godsend.
4. Lovey and Blanket. Max and Logan are very attached to their soft personalized blanket from Little Navy. When they get a little angst-y, their blanket gives them a sense of familiarity. They rub their faces on it and usually calms them down.
5. Medical. A little airplane friendly bag of all your medicine and creams. Motrin, Tylenol, Gravol, skin creams, rash creams etc. Also bring all your paperwork needed, travel insurance, flight information, children’s medical documents.
6. Ziploc Bags. If something gets wet or dirty you have a place to put them without compromising the rest of your bag.

Don’t forget your passports! 😉 Thats most of what we carry on the plane with us, traveling with twins is like moving house. But all in all, the destination outshines the journey. Hope you all have a wonderful and most importantly, UNEVENTFUL flight!

Thanks for Reading!

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