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August 15, 2016

I thought I’d share some of the small shops we’ve purchased from and tees that have become staples in the boys’ wardrobe.

We gravitate towards modern, urban, hipster-ish tees. As modern as we like our shirts, I almost always pair them with other bright, colourful, child appropriate pieces. We don’t usually wear a complete monochromic palette, our style is childish with a slight urban edge. If that even remotely makes any sense. Hopefully, this helps anyone looking for some small shops to browse and some new baby wardrobe pieces or gift ideas! Happy shopping! xx

1. Whistle and Flute – The tshirt itself is very soft which we love, their design is cute, unique and colourful. Some favourites: Bubble Tea, Ice Cream shirts.

2. Stellar Seven – The ongoing trend in this list is soft, slouchy shirts with a nice drape to them. We bought “Ain’t no Mama Like the One I got” when the boys were very young, they slowly grew into this beloved shirt and its almost too tight for them now. One of our most well loved items.

3. Team Jerseys – The boys, especially Max, loves jerseys. They’re brightly coloured and something about the polyester fabric that Max just adores. He will without fail, pick his Blue Jays jersey from a pile of clean (or even dirty) laundry and demand I put it on him. We own many jerseys from various teams we love. Obviously, choose the team jersey you root for from your local retailer. 🙂

4. Huckleberry Threads – We’ve just purchased this shirt. I’ve waited forever for it to go on pre order, it sells out quite quickly. This shop has witty tees for very reasonable prices considering it is a small shop. Who says stylish can’t be economical? I love the saying, the minimalistic styling. I can’t say much of the fabric because that I am waiting for it to be shipped. We’ve also ordered “Kevin McCallister is my Homeboy” shirt for Christmas!

5. Trilogy Design Co. – Out of all on this list, we’ve purchased the most from this shop. We are big fans of their tees. We love their hyper urban aesthetic, clever sayings. The boys’ 2nd birthday shirts were also from here. Some favourites: Hard Knock Life, Pretty Boy Swag, Notorious shirts are some of the many we like.

6. Born Savage – Their “kindness is so gangster” tee is one of our favorites! This mama is big on preaching kindness so this shirt was perfect.

Another tip, I found all these shops through Instagram and follow them. If there is any promos or sales its usually announced on IG. And then I jump on a retail therapy bandwagon and stock up! xx


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