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happy birthday! party ideas and tips

August 9, 2016

The boys’ birthday this year was relatively smaller. The guest count was limited to close friends with children and immediate family. Thought I’d share some photos of the day and some party planning tips! We did a pirate themed party, hopefully this will give some you ideas if you would like to have a similar theme.

The focal point of all the decor was around the dessert table, we tried to keep the colours bright, vibrant and tropical. We kept the savoury food simple and easy. We had a BBQ with kid friendly foods such as burgers, hot dogs, various salads and several coolers stocked with cold drinks, water, and juice boxes.


Our dessert table. We didn’t have time to smooth out the table cloth but we added some decorative fishnet, rustic distressed crates and it elevated the overall look.

For the decor, I wanted a pirate theme but also wanted to stay away from overly dark colours. All my idea searches for a pirate party was filled with blacks and red colors, dreary overtones. I wanted the theme cuter, vibrant and more appropriate for a 2 year old’s birthday party. So I added a bright blue to the colour palette and it gave it a cheerful island vibe. Pirates can be cheery right?! We did buy some decor items, such as balloons, bunting, pirate flags but we also used what we already had. Such as leftover decking boards for our makeshift location sign and hung up our stuffed animal shark.

birthdaypost22 birthdaypost15


Assorted candy in tropical and blue tones.


DIY paper sails and cupcake toppers to tie the theme together

To keep with the cheery tone, we bought candy in tropical colours to add to our table. We cut sails out of craft paper, placed them on French Madeleines to make boats.


A more whimsical, cartoonish pirate themed cake. I didn’t want to make anything overly scary so I stayed away from too many crossbones and kept the colour palette lighter and brighter.

For outdoor activities, we rented a pirate ship bouncy castle to which the adults had just as much fun as the kids. We pulled out out kiddie pool, had soft water balloons, our sand box, and a pirate ship piñata. You don’t even need all that things we had, kids don’t need too much to be entertained, get them wet and dirty, a couple balloons and they’re good to go!

birthdaypost18 birthdaypost19


Our rented pirate ship bouncy castle for the day!

I created the water labels, wanted posters and cupcake toppers using photoshop and paid shutterstock images. However, there are many free printables found on Pinterest and online that you can find.


Details: Custom water labels


Our pirate Wanted posters. Photos that document the 12 months from 1 to 2 years old


M and L shortbread cookies. I ran out of time to decorate them. But they tasted just fine un-iced. Win!

birthdaypost14 birthdaypost12

Birthday Tees were bought from Trilogy Design Co.  // Watermelon Shark to hold fruit salad carved by my talented girlfriends.


Cake Details. I still can’t believe they are two!

For the birthday treat bags, we gave out “pirate booty”. I found some candy boxes shaped like gold bars, Ring Pops symbolized looted jewelry, chocolate gold nuggets, and chocolate gold coins. We included a blow up sword and an eye patch for each child. As for the bag itself, I purchased black paper bags from a craft store and cut and pasted a cute skull and crossbones on it to complete the look.

birthdaypost30 birthdaypost29

When throwing a themed party, my tip is to stay cohesive. Don’t over think things, you don’t need expensive backdrops or large wall decor. Litter your party with little details that stick to your theme. I had a cheap pirate flag, jolly roger bunting, printed cupcake toppers, fishnet and it helped get the vibe I was aiming for.

Find items around your home that could add to the look. In my case, I used a old stuffed shark, hung it up and it became a cute addition to the overall feel of the party, I already had some nautical and apothecary glass jars and used them for the candy bar. Search for free printables relating to your party; do a Pinterest search to get ideas and DIY tutorials. But most importantly, have fun! Give your kids water to play in and a balloon to carry around and they will already think its the best day ever!

Have a wonderful party if you plan on throwing one soon! xx


Happy 2nd Birthday Max and Logan! Mommy and Daddy love you to the moon and back!

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  • Reply Yosh August 12, 2016 at 6:51 am

    Happy birthday to your little munchkins❤ They are the luckiest kids to have such wonderful parents hosting this adorable party for them!! You are just amazing. Everything is perfect. Every little detail about decorations, goodie bags, cake, etc are just perfectly cute. I love it so much. I admire you so much. For my boys’ first birthplace, I bought everything lol so wow you are so inspiring. I became even bigger fan of yours 😘😊

    • Reply Yosh August 12, 2016 at 6:53 am

      I meant “first birthday” (hate my fat finger hitting a wrong suggested word!)

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