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May 31, 2016

Being such an avid Instagram user, I take a lot of photos. I am not a professional by any means but love whipping out my camera regardless. There are high powered programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to edit your photos. However, phone apps are just so convenient and quick.

The majority of my photos are taken with my DSLR. I rarely use filters but I do always adjust the brightness, contrast, and shadows. As for photos taken with my iPhone, I add filters and some favourites are listed below.

Instagram – I rarely use instagram’s editing tools. However, I really love their “warmth” adjuster. I prefer it over all other warmth/temperature tools in my other apps. IG’s temperature gauge can adjust your photo to be cooler/bluer (which I prefer) without darkening it. It keeps your photo’s brightness where you want it, yet, subtly cools down the neutral tones.
Favourite filters: Aden, Gingham, Ludwig and Sierra (but all toned down).


Instagram’s subtle warming/cooling function. Left is original, right is cooled down version.

Snapseed – This is my most used app. It’s powerful, high functioning and versatile. I run almost every photo I post through this little guy. My favourite tools include the brightness and ambience in its ‘Tune Image’ category. Its ‘Healing’ function for editing out minor flaws, its ‘Selective’ function for its fine tuning ability and its “Transform” function to correct the photo’s aspects.
Favourite filters: I do not use Snapseed filters.


Before and after Snapseed. Brighter, less contrast, cooler toned photo.

Afterlight – If you were to only pick one between Snapseed and Afterlight, I would pick Snapseed. With that said, this app is great at what its meant for. The editing functions are easy to use although the icons for the functions itself are a bit obscure and takes some time to get used to.
Favourite filters: Captain, Russ, Bright Fire, Sailor

1967 – For someone that doesn’t use filters all that often, I LOVE this app. It’s strictly a filters app; sometimes the simpler the app, the better. It focuses on vintage style filters; less saturated, more faded and kind of harks back to old school film. I rarely post photos with these filters because it’s not consistent with my brighter Instagram theme. But I love getting these photos printed or made into fridge magnets (I use
Favourite filters: Runaways, Retrogold, Gunslinger, Maps, Parade


1967 vintage inspired filters are moody, dreamy, nostalgic feeling.

A Color Story – I love the curves function. I haven’t found this option on any other app so far and it reminds me of the Photoshop curve tool. It makes adjusting tones, contrast, and selective colouring a breeze. Also a huge positive is you can save your actions and reapply to your next photo. It helps with consistency and is as close to batch editing as you’ll get in an app.
Favourite filters: Ruby Haze (in Essentials), Ginger Tea and Magic Hour (in Good Vibes, purchased)

 Intially, I thought this was one of those gimmicky selfie editing apps. The kind where you can add makeup, blurs your skin etc. However, it turns out this app is pretty handy if used in moderation. I like the ‘smooth’, ‘tone’, ‘whiten’ and ‘dark circle’ functions. An app that can help with dark circles? Every tired mom needs that filter in her repertorie! One thing to point out, I liked the old format more. They recently updated and I find the tools aren’t as precise. But give it a try, maybe you’ll like it!

VSCO – Okay anyone who has Instagram has heard of VSCOCam. For all the hype and love it gets, its actually my least used app. But I do use it. There are so many filter packages you can buy its hard for me to suggest any. It all depends on what style you’re going for. Play around with it!

Simple Transfer – This is not a photo editing app but it my most used app. Possibly ever. It is a wireless photo and video transfer app. I transfer all my photos from my desktop/laptop to my phone using this. Simple, easy to use and straightforward. I use it every single day and love it!

Hope this helped and happy editing! xx

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