picassos in the making, DIY painted canvases

April 2, 2016

Maximus and Logan are 21 months old and grow bored very quickly. They are not entertained by “free play” as much as they used to. I actively have to think up of activities to distract them and finger painting seemed to fit the bill. I wanted to make an actual keepsake and painted canvases would be perfect. I am hanging these up without frames so I bought thick Gallery-Grade Wrapped canvases for this project. Truthfully, I’m terrible at DIY but luckily there is not much to actually do in this instance. What I did to prep the canvases are as follows

Gather your supplies: Canvases, Letter print out, Non-toxic tempera fingerprint, Scissors, Pencil, and Painters tape. Canvas05

Cut out the letters and use a pencil to trace the letter onto your canvas. canvas02

Now for the slightly tedious part, take painters tape and carefully block out where the letters are. After they have been painted, remove the tape and you will end up with a personalized canvas.

Apparently, my boys are the only children on the planet who don’t like to get messy. They were hesitant with the texture. I gave them paper towel to blot and spread the paint. And even then, it was too “messy” for their liking. I improvised and grabbed what was closest to me…my makeup brushes, I know, it pained me too. Anyways, with their rudimentary artist tools (and mama’s help), we finished!
Canvas06canvas03 DSC_6923


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