Review of Koala Crate by KiWi Co.

    January 22, 2018

    ** This was not sponsored by KiWi Co. And all opinions are truthful and my own. Have a wonderful day folks!

    One of my best friends, Max and Loggie’s Auntie Bonnie, bought us a 3 month subscription to Koala Crate for Christmas. This was one of the most thoughtful gifts we’ve ever received. I am a stay at home mom with very active toddler twin boys. Without saying, it’s absolutely necessary to find activities to keep my boys occupied or my house will explode from their unspent energy. I am a crafty kind of mom and enjoy doing artsy things with my kids. However, I hate having to think of different activities and then going out to get specific supplies for it. This box has everything ready and makes life a whole lot more convenient. I am a mom of twins, I am all about convenience.

    Kiwi Co. is a company that specializes in subscription boxes that provide arts, crafts, and science projects for kids to do at home. There are 5 product lines geared towards kids of different ages. Max and Logan are 3 years old and are in the Koala age range. These boxes are educational, creative, convenient and fun. I opened the boxes and the paperwork that came with the activities alone were already so beautiful. Hence, my initial impression was a very good one. Each box comes with a storybook and an instruction pamphlet that also has additional craft ideas you can do with your children beyond the activities included. The instructions are thorough and easy to follow. I appreciate how well thought out and carefully curated the boxes have been. I also find the quality of materials really good and impressed by the creativity behind it all.

    I am sharing several of the activities we got to do so far! I am not sure if the box repeats it’s activities but this will give you an overview of what they offer. And with confidence, I will be renewing my subscription once the one my girlfriend bought us expires.

    Jellyfish Game

    Likes: Wonderful for fine motor skill development. A lot of the components required the boys to thread string through holes. i.e: ribbon through little holes on the jellyfish body to make tentacles. String through small foam buttons.

    Difficulty Level:
     Moderate difficulty. There were a lot of steps in this activity but the boys only needed help with tying a couple knots but everything else they managed to do on their own.

    It also was a really fun little game in the end. After they complete their jellyfish, it sticks to a window. By pulling on the strings, the jellyfish moves and dances around like its swimming. Super cute and they had lots of fun making this one!

    Mushroom Lantern

    Continuing the first box’s theme of illuminated nature, we are making a glow in the dark mushroom!

    Likes: They kids loved how you have to “charge” their lanterns in the sun and then run into a dark room to see it glow. They also liked the activity’s painting component.

    Difficulty: Easy. There weren’t to many steps, larger components made everything easy for them to handle. They needed help with pushing the foam disk into the mushroom stem but everything else they did themselves.

    Glowing Firefly

    Likes: This activity had the boys stuff a glow-in-the-dark sock with batting and taught them the use of elastics. The motion of stuffing a small sock helped with their hand movement. Taught them to be patient and stuff a little at a time.

    Difficulty Level: Moderate. Logan needed help with opening the sock to insert his stuffing. They both needed help attaching the wings and they didn’t know how to hold open the elastic with one hand to put it over the body of the firefly. I intervened a lot more with this activity.

    Rainbow Tote Bag

    The second month’s theme was rainbows. This was our first activity. The tote bag was soaked and rung out. The kids placed coloured tissue paper squares all over the bag. With an eyedropper, they added water to the squares. We left the bag overnight and the colour from the squares leaked into the bag, creating a rainbow dye effect.

    Likes: Loved the use of the droppers! It helps develop Max and Loggie’s fine motor skills and finger movement. We used our own droppers as the ones that came in the kit were a too stiff for their little fingers.

    Difficulty Level: Super easy. They placed paper squares everywhere and dropped water on them! As I said, love love love the use of droppers!

    Rainbow Cloud

    Quite possibly the cutest craft we’ve ever done. A cloud pillow with a rainbow on it?? C’mon!! Too cute!

    Likes: Once again, the motion of stuffing batting into a pocket helped them with their finger movement which I love because Max and Loggie’s fine motor skills aren’t the best. Peeling the backing off the felt stickers were also good practice for finger movement.

    Difficulty Level: Easy. There weren’t many components to this activity and not many steps. Made it go quickly and smoothly. And the end product is so damn cute!   

    Stained Glass Windows

    Making the classic stained glass windows! Do you remember making these as kids? I loved making them and it brought back so much nostalgia. It was also a bit surreal doing it with my own kids.

    Likes: The nostalgia made it such a special activity for me. The kids could care less how happy I was. Ha. They boys loved punching out the black construction paper shapes. It was neat to be able to show them their finished product up against a real window, to show them the translucent nature of the paper and how the sun could shine through it.

    Difficulty Level: Moderate. Logan had a hard time with this activity. He couldn’t get pass how sticky the “window” part of the activity was. The tissue pieces didn’t stick on straight and because it was already stuck on, he couldn’t adjust it and got frustrated. I had to help him quite a bit. The black shapes that came with the activity also confused them. They needed a lot of guidance to combine the shapes to make a “pictures” of mountains, the sun, and clouds. 

    That’s all the activities we did thus far. As you can tell, I LOVEEEE this subscription box! Its such a wonderful way to do screen free activities with your children. I recommend it to everyone, especially stay at home moms with children who might not have the opportunity to do crafts like children that attend daycare and school.

    I am all for non-toy gifts and truly feel a subscription to an activity or science box would be so appreciated by parents. Hope this review helped and gave you some craft ideas to do with your children!



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