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    diy rustic christmas wreath

    November 15, 2017

    Steve and I both love Christmas, we love the spirit of the holidays, giving gifts, the food. But when it comes to Christmas decorating we are as different as night and day. Over the years, I’ve slowly incorporated rustic, farmhouse elements into our decor but if Steve had his way, our home would be covered in 80s silver tinsel and brightly coloured lights. We now have separate christmas trees…because that’s necessary to our marriage’s survival. We have a “family tree” covered in tinsel, random ornaments, neon bright lights. And we have my more stylized tree upstairs looking out our bay window.

    This year I remade our wreath, I wanted a simple, rustic one with only greenery and some pinecones. I was vetoed on the cream coloured bow as Steve requested “at least something red” on it. So I made a plaid bow. Compromise people, that’s how marriages work. But our joint vision worked in the end. I retained the farmhouse vibe and he got his red Christmas bow. Win!         Here is what I used to make this super simple winter wreath. I also repurposed parts of my old wreath such as the pinecones and the pine branches. Use what you have in your Christmas storage!

    – Grapevine Wreath (any hobby store will carry them, I got mine at Michaels), mine is 18″
    – Faux Sprigs of winter greenery such as cedar, dusty miller, eucalyptus, boxwood or pine. I bought three sprigs.
    – Pinecones, smaller ones work better for this project
    – Large ribbon for your bow
    – Wire Cutters
    – Scissors
    – Glue Gun
    – Floral wire, if you really want it secure.
    1. Cut off the sprigs of greenery and placed it on your wreath until there is a desired shape. I used the larger flat, cedar leaves first and then added pine and smaller greenery.
    2. When the general shapes decided, push the sprigs of greenery into the grapevine branches. I didn’t want to permanently affix them so I can reuse the wreath in the spring with different foliage. But by all means, wire and glue the branches down if you want it permanent.
    3. I glued the pinecones onto the foliage and not the wreath itself. So when I remove the folliage later on there won’t be residue glue on the wreath.
    4. I tied a four point bow (found a tutorial on YouTube) and glued the bow onto the greenery.
      Ta da! That’s it! Super simple, super easy and super pretty! Happy Decorating!

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